FDA Commissioner Hahn: Only After Rigorous Study Will a Coronavirus Vaccine Be Approved

Stephen Hahn
Photo credit Pool/Pool
By Talk Radio 1210 WPHT


The Commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Stephen Hahn, joined The Rich Zeoli Show, and disputed the notion that a vaccine would be approved because of politics. 


“We have done everything possible to expedite the review process. So, we’re not changing our criteria. What we’re doing is trying to make it easier on folks to develop the vaccine but at the end of the day, we are going to judge the vaccine for safety and efficacy based on the criteria we’ve outlined.” 


Hahn also explained to Zeoli the FDA’s role as an organization to oversee all the pharmaceutical companies that are in the development stages of a vaccine. 


“We’re calling the balls and strikes, that’s our job. We have to be independent regulators about this. The American people depend on us and you’re right we’ll provide help to help people develop these but we’ll be the independent folks who call the balls and strikes.”


Hahn continued, “I can tell you this, no one has told us we have to approve [any] vaccine, that’s for sure. To suggest otherwise is very unfair.” 


Hahn criticized any politician who has spoken out against the possible efficiency of a vaccine with unproven statements on the protocols being taken to ensure safety and effectiveness of any vaccine.  


“It’s insulting to the scientists at our agency who would never in a million years do this, none of us would. This is about protecting other Americans; this is about doing the right thing in this pandemic. I can just assure you 100% we’ve thought a lot about this, we’ve put out our criteria. We will be very rigorous about this, we won’t cut corners. “


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