Giordano: Coronavirus is a Great, 'Media-Driven' Story

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Councilman David Oh and Journalist Steven Keeley on Crime in Philadelphia

Dom Giordano talks with Councilman David Oh about the results of the district attorney's policies and gives perspective on being a crime victim in Philadelphia. Oh also comments on the panic-driven reporting on coronavirus and the toilet paper shortage. Later, Dom talks with Fox29's Steven Keeley about the police officer that was shot and killed in Philadelphia. Keeley explains why police officers try to carry out warrants early in the morning and talks about how District Attorney Larry Krasner was blocked from the hospital. Plus, Keeley comments on whether or not the man suspected with killing the officer should have been on the streets to begin with.


Bill O'Reilly on Coronavirus Panic

Bill O'Reilly, famed conservative commentator, joins the Dom Giordano Program to offer his take on the Coronavirus situation. O'Reilly tells Dom what he's heard on the street and whether or not he believes Trump has bungled the response at all, and why. Also, O'Reilly hammers down the importance of not panicking in this crisis situation, and refers to some in the media who have seemingly had a goal of turning this into a political brawl. Finally, O'Reilly reveals what precaution he's taking in preparation for the virus and explains what he believes to be the right way to react to such a situation.


Secretary of HHS Alex Azar Suggests Drive-Thru Testing Centers

Dom Giordano talks with Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar about the coronavirus test kit delay and the quota for testing Americans with symptoms. Azar gives the facts on the testing for coronavirus and explains how people can set up drive-thru testing centers. Azar calls out locals for not stepping up to the plate to test people. Azar confirms the rumor that Obama-era regulations are preventing tests from getting out of labs. Azar advises healthcare professionals to figure out who should be tested, putting the responsibility in their hands.