Giordano: I'm For Reopening the Economy on a Case-by-Case Basis

By Talk Radio 1210 WPHT

Valuing a Human Life in the Age of COVID-19

​Dom Giordano talks with health economist Michael French about the trend of COVID-19 deaths versus traffic fatalities. French talks about how shutting down the economy shifts deaths as opposed to eliminating them. French explains the value society has put on a single human life and talks about the risks with reopening the economy. Plus, French talks about how financial decisions are constantly made in the medical field in terms of treatment.


Classic Movies to Watch During Quarantine

Dom Giordano talks with film critic Lou Gaul about movies to watch while stuck in quarantine. Gaul suggests several classic movies, such as Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. ​Gaul insists anybody watching Vertigo sit through the entirety of the film and teases a cliffhanger ending. Gaul also suggests the Western film Shane, which he claims has everything from action to sexual tension. Plus, Gaul recommends the 1933 classic King Kong, praising the brilliant cinematography. Plus, Humphrey Bogart's defining role and a Jack Nicholson-Faye Dunaway pairing from 1974. 


Worshiping on Easter from Your Car

Dom Giordano talks with Pastor David Farina Jr. of Calvary Full Gospel Church about his Easter service and the way he was able to pull it off in the age of social distancing. Farina explains how the church found an answer to hosting a service and the positive outlook that made this possible. Farina utilized a drive-in system in which people tuned in on their radios from their cars to worship on Easter Sunday. Farina talks about the belief that people must rise up to the occasion responsibly and explains the importance of the message of hope. Farina recalls the amazement when people said "Amen" by honking their car horns and the beauty of the sound. ​