Giordano: Keep the Kids in School, Away from the Grandparents

By Talk Radio 1210 WPHT

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick talks Coronavirus and Capitol Hill

Representative Brian Fitzpatrick joins the Dom Giordano Program to give a rundown as to what's going on down in Washington as congresspeople and senators scramble to address the Coronavirus pandemic. Fitzpatrick comments on the members of congress who have tested positive for the disease, hoping for the best for his colleagues. Fitzpatrick, also lays out the economic impacts of the new Coronavirus stimulus bill, and explains how it will help lessen the weight on the public's shoulders.


CHOP's Dr. Paul Offit Updates On Coronavirus

​Dom Giordano talks with Dr. Paul Offit of CHOP about vaccinations and the clinical trials taking place in New York on a drug that may have some efficacy on COVID-19. Offit explains that drugs are tested because medical professionals want to make sure the drug is going to make people better, not worse. Offit explains why he thinks hyroxychloroquine is probably the least effective drug to fight COVID-19 and names others that may be more effective. Offit explains why he does not think there was a good reason to shut down schools, explaining that kids could go to school, and by doing so, avoid getting their grandparents sick. At home, Offit elaborates that children are around their grandparents more and have a greater likelihood to make them ill. Plus, Offit explains the trouble with shutting down all of the businesses and expresses confidence that the medical community will find a vaccine for COVID-19.


Economist Stephen Moore on the Economic Effects of Coronavirus

Dom Giordano talks with Stephen Moore of Heritage Foundation about the COVID-19 crisis. Moore agrees that Biden would be a nightmare president throughout this health crisis and explains the importance of the economy functioning and not shutting down entirely. Moore suggests that a date has to be set in the next few weeks that guarantees factories will reopen. Otherwise, Moore says the loss will be trillions of dollars and imminent bankruptcies. That being said, Moore adds that workers should make the decision themselves whether or not they can go into work. Moore explains that from a public health standpoint, the rates of depression and other illnesses will be higher. Plus, Moore gives his take on the bill that would provide for businesses and expresses his disdain for $1,000-for-all.