Giordano: Loss Does Not Make Joe Biden 'Decent'

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Liz Preate Havey Says Joe Biden's Campaign is Lacking Excitement in Montgomery County

Dom Giordano talks with Liz Preate Havey about Madeline Dean and "Whole Foods moms." Preate Havey also comments on Twitter and the people who obsess over social media. Preate Havey talks about the lack of excitement for Joe Biden in Montgomery County and questions whether or not Bernie Sanders will still win the nomination. Preate Havey gives her take on decency and talks with Dom about whether or not Joe Biden is decent because he experienced loss in his life. Plus, Preate Havey voices concern about Biden's state of mind and mental fitness.


Rep. Mo Brooks (AL) on Coronavirus

Today, Congressman Mo Brooks joins the Dom Giordano Program to dispel myths about COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Each week, Brooks attends Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health, Department of Homeland Security briefings on the COVID-19 outbreak. Brooks writes, "one message has been clear: no one knows for sure how far COVID-19 will spread nor what its fatality rate will be. There is simply too much uncertainty and educated guessing at this point. It does not help that COVID-19 statistics from two of the most impacted countries, Iran and China, cannot be relied on or trusted to be true." Brooks explains to both Dom and the listeners the information that should be trusted to be true. The congressman offers his opinion on whether or not tests are necessary, and whether today's stock market dive is writing on the wall for what's to come.


Christine Flowers Ousted From The Inquirer

Christine Flowers, longtime columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and weekend show host here at 1210WPHT, joins the Dom Giordano Program to discuss her firing at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Flowers, a staunch conservative, believes the firing to be retaliation for re-activating her Twitter account, which features a far more aggressive Christine Flowers. Dom and Christine discuss the recent history of the Inquirer when dealing with conservative columnists such as Christine, Dom, or Stu Bykovsky. Flowers also makes a point to discuss the tweets of columnists and writers who lean further left than she does, and the hypocritical treatment of conservative-minded tweets.