Giordano: Science and Prayer Can Coexist Beautifully

By Talk Radio 1210 WPHT

Archbishop Nelson Perez Says a Prayer for National Day of Prayer

Dom Giordano talks with Archbishop Nelson Perez about continuing to touch lives through technology as well as through faith. Perez calls it a "gift" and provides a history of the Day of National Prayer. Perez explains why prayer is so powerful and points out how it has come at the perfect time, considering the pandemic and other issues the country is facing. Perez talks about the availability of priests to those who need them and adds that priests have been going to hospitals. Perez reflects on his clergy career before becoming Archbishop and offers a closing prayer.


Rep. Seth Grove on Right to Know Legalities

Dom Giordano talks with Rep. Seth Grove about Right to Know requests and the legalities behind it. Grove talks about the opposition to the Right to Know office and explains the hypocrisy of dedicating resources to a snitch office but not Right to Know. Grove thinks the Wolf administration does not want to deal with Right to Know and talks about how Americans are forced to provide services on the "black market." Grove explains how businesses can safely reopen and criticizes government staffers who received haircuts when the government is forcing barber shops and salons closed for social distancing. 


Giovanni's Barber Shop Slated to Reopen Despite Police Warnings

Dom Giordano talks with Nichole Missino, owner of Giovanni's Barber Shop in Media, about whether or not she will reopen on Saturday. Missino talks about the modifications she has made to her shop to make her business compliant with social distancing guidelines. Missino has implemented everything from new flooring to face masks and additional capes for her customers. Missino talks about the threat of retaliation from the police and explains why she is taking a stand for all business owners in Pennsylvania. Plus, Missino talks about the struggles of dealing with the unemployment office and the possibility of hiring an attorney for protection.