Giordano: Why is Coronavirus Different from the Flu?

By Talk Radio 1210 WPHT

Dr. Harvey Rubin Explains the Difference Between Coronavirus and Influenza

Dom Giordano talks with Dr. Harvey Rubin, Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, about the difference between the flu and coronavirus. Rubin explains how the differences become more significant as research progresses. Rubin talks about the mortality rate of COVID-19, as well as the mitigating factors that have made fighting the virus more difficult. Rubin explains the different drugs that can impact an infected person's condition and talks about the importance of staying hydrated and maintaining good hygiene throughout the pandemic. Plus, Rubin offers his prediction on when the pandemic will peak in the United States.


Christian Toto Tells Us What To Watch While Quarantined

Christian Toto of joins the Dom Giordano Program to provide some watching suggestions for listeners. Toto first hits on the 2011 film End of Watch, which can be found on Netflix, that he says flew under the radar but is just a generally fun watch. Then, Toto suggests Eli Roth's 2018 remake of Death Wish, which can be seen on Amazon Prime. Toto, a huge fan of the original, says the remake does the original justice and again is just a great movie to put on to entertain. Also, Toto hits on Amazon's Fleabag and Hunters, and comments on what families should watch together.


USA Bill McSwain on Coronavirus and Fallen Corporal James O'Connor

United States Attorney Bill McSwain joins the Dom Giordano Program to discuss a multitude of topics including Coronavirus and the tragic death of Philadelphia police officer Corporal James O'Connor IV, who was gunned down in the city's Frankford section on the morning of March 13. McSwain makes it clear to listeners that his office is working overtime to address any potential scams centered on Coronavirus, and gives his thoughts on Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw's decision to not enforce low-level crimes during the pandemic. And McSwain comments on DA Larry Krasner's divisive and destructive policies and how his irresponsibility relates to the passing of Corporal O'Connor.