Zeoli: I'm Tired of All the Big Tech Censorship!

Mark Zuckerberg
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By Talk Radio 1210 WPHT
Today on The Rich Zeoli Show, the FBI is investigating presumed President-Elect Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden for his taxes over compensation from foreign companies he has been connected to including ones in China and Ukraine. It all but confirms the validity of the NY Post's Hunter Biden laptop story just before the election. However, due to the big teach, social media platforms censoring that story, now what will they do? The big tech companies cannot keep censoring information that the public should have access to. 

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In today's hour of non-stop talk, 17 additional states have joined in Texas' lawsuit to the Supreme Court accusing states like Pennsylvania of violating civilians' equal protection rights in the 2020 election. How crazy has the pandemic gotten? People's constitutional right to a fast and speedy trail of their peers is non-existent right now and Bernie Sanders hates going on CNN with Jake Tapper but is perfectly happy with MSNBC's Katy Tur.