Giordano on Harrisburg: PA Dems Know The Rules, They Just Refuse To Follow Them

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Liz Preate-Havey On Yesterday's Harrisburg Yelling Match

Liz Preate-Havey, Chairperson of Montgomery County GOP, joins the Dom Giordano Program to discuss the Pennsylvania Senate’s first session of the year, which devolved into a shouting match after Republicans refused to acknowledge the election of Democratic State Senator Jim Brewster after a highly contested election. Preate-Havey explains why the move by Pennsylvania Republicans wasn’t a power grab, arguing instead that it was to further ensure fairness in the most recent election.

Stan Casacio Live In Washington, D.C.

Stan Casacio, friend of the Dom Giordano Program, returns to the program for a first-hand look into the protests unfolding in Washington, D.C. in the lead up to the certification vote of President-Elect Joe Biden. Casacio, calling in live from the ‘Save America’ rally in Washington DC, explaining that most people he’s talking to are only hoping to ensure integrity in the 2020 election. Casacio recaps his train ride down and conversations he held with others going to the event, reporting on the great camaraderie held between supports of President Trump.