Giordano Speaks With East Turkestan-in-Exile PM Salih Hudayar

Dom Giordano Program | January 15, 2021
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

East Turkestan Prime Minister Salih Hudayar on China Human Rights Violations

Salih Hudayar, Prime Minister of East Turkestan in Exile, joins the Dom Giordano Program to discuss the repeated human rights violations of communist China against the Uyghur people of the Xinjiang province. First, Hudayar gives a rundown of the history of relations between China and the Uyghur people, taking listeners back to the late 1940s when China invaded and colonized the area. Then, Hudayar explains the fight for independence in Hong Kong, and how what is happening there is incredibly similar to what happened to the Uyghur people of East Turkestan. Finally, Hudayar discusses the relationship between his East Turkestan and the Trump administration, and forecasts how he hopes to work with the Biden administration moving forward.

Atilis Gym's Ian Smith On New Jersey Asset Seizure

Ian Smith, co-owner of Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, NJ, rejoins the Dom Giordano Program to discuss New Jersey’s decision to seize the gym’s legal defense fund amid a continued resistance to Governor Murphy’s Coronavirus edicts and fines. Smith tells Giordano that this is a continued effort by an overbearing government to show their power over the regular citizen. Smith reveals that the State has seized 100% of their legal funds, an amount totaling over $173,000. The New Jersey Attorney General’s office told Fox News that the $165,000 in reportedly frozen assets are the result of a bank levy having been issued due to Trenton’s collection efforts as part of the enforcement of a judicial order. Finally, Smith tells how he plans to fight back against a Government that can use such power to seize funds in the way that Murphy has.

Neal Zoren Tells Us What's On TV

Neal Zoren, entertainment critic, returns to the Dom Giordano Program for his bi-weekly check-in, discussing everything on television. First, Zoren and Giordano discuss the 50th anniversary of All in the Family, discussing the social commentary effusive in the show, and other sitcoms that handled social issues in a similar manner to arguably the best of all time. Then, Zoren gives his suggestions for what listeners should watch, discussing the new Disney+ time-bending series Wandavision, and The Dig on Netflix with Ray Fiennes and Carrie Mulligan.