James Jones joins Ramie and Tim!

Former Packers WR/NFL Network Analyst James Jones talks Aaron Rodgers, the GOAT and more!
James Jones Aaron Rodgers
Photo credit © MCT

As we get closer and closer to Rodgers vs Brady in the NFC Championship game this Sunday, it's no secret that some of the conversation has shifted to who is the GOAT, rather than who will win on Sunday.

While debating the Greatest Of All Time is an endless argument based on opinion, who will win on Sunday is much more about the X's and O's.

Former Packers WR James Jones thinks both arguments end with one answer: Aaron Rodgers.

Jones, Super Bowl winning WR with the Packers, receiver of 41 of Rodgers career TDs (3rd most of Rodgers' career targets), and current NFL Network Analyst, joined the Ramie and Tim Show on Wednesday to talk about the GOAT conversation, Rodgers' comfort level, the NFC Championship Game on Sunday, and more:

- Do rings make the GOAT, or is Rodgers already better than Tom Brady?
- What is different about Aaron Rodgers' demeanor on the field this season?
- What has been the difference for Rodgers this season compared to the last couple years?
- Why has Matt LaFleur flown under the radar?
- How does he see Sunday playing out?

Listen to the full interview below!