1THING: Lauv, Rex Orange County, The Driver Era and Brantley Gilbert Save the Environment One Flush at a Time


Your carbon footprint doesn’t stop in the bathroom, even if you are a star. We caught up with some of our favorite artists to see the 1Thing they’re doing to save the planet while they’re in the restroom.

Lauv is feeling a certain way about towels. “I don’t constantly wash towels. You can use a towel more than one time, definitely.”

The singer also has an important water-saving lavatory technique. “I don’t flush unless I need to,” he adds.

He also shares the age-old rule, even if he feels a little gross saying it. “If it’s yellow, let it mellow,” he says, before joking, “See, now I hate myself for saying that.”

English singer Rex Orange County also has his eye on the water use. “When I’m cleaning my teeth, I turn the tap off,” he says. “When you’re in the shower, you don’t need to have that thing on for a long time before or after. You just turn that off.”

Alternative music duo The Driver Era try to keep the showers quick to save time and the environment.

“I feel like my showers are pretty short,” says member Rocky Lynch. “They used to be longer, but now, I’m trying to do other things in the day. So yeah. Shorter showers, and less showers. Unless you smell.”

For country singer Brantley Gilbert, the green bathroom habits are something to be passed down generations. “I keep a close eye on my son so he doesn’t flush things down the toilet,” the singer says. “You know, he’s about to be two and he’s running around, and that seems to be a hobby common with toddlers.”

It’s never too early to get started! These artists are serious about reducing their negative impact on the environment, and adamant about helping others to do the same. For more ideas on how you can save the planet, click here and join them in doing 1Thing.