1THING: Sting, Backstreet Boys, Meghan Trainor and More Share How They're Saving the Environment


Even the stars do their part. We caught up with some of our favorite artists to see the 1Thing they’re doing to save the planet.

An easy one? Meghan Trainor is all about that recycling. “There are no excuses for not recycling. Come on!” she jokes.

But it’s not as simple as throwing everything in a bag and calling it a day. Trainor takes precautions, acutely aware of the impact that plastic six-pack rings can have on animals in the ocean. “You know those soda… rubbery plastic circular things?” she ponders. “I always cut it up. I just picture turtles or seals getting stuck in them. In my heart, I just cry.”

Sting makes no bones about his impact on the environment, acknowledging the effects of his rigorous touring schedule.

“I have a big carbon footprint -- huge -- because I travel a lot,” he says. “I try and balance that. I planted a lot of trees. I also demarcated a lot of the Amazon rainforest, creating legal infrastructure for people who have none. So I take it very seriously. But I’m also not perfect.”

Jamaican reggae star Shaggy acknowledges his ability to spread awareness. “I think as an artist, we have a voice to actually raise the awareness and say, ‘Hey, you actually gotta take stock of these things, and be a little more gentle to the planet.’”

The Backstreet Boys are more straightforward with their 1Thing. “Howie and myself own Teslas,” member Kevin Richardson said of himself and groupmate Howie Dorough. Richardson also said him and his group use solar power.

Minding his energy is a no-brainer for Leon Bridges. It’s a practical habit the singer picked up in childhood but views more holistically these days.

“Just making sure to turn off the lights,” Bridges says. “That’s something my mother’s always instilled in me as a kid. Mostly to save money, but also, it’s better for the planet.”

Troye Sivan knows your carbon footprint even follows you in the kitchen. “I try to do one meal a day where I don’t eat meat,” Sivan says. “I think that that is kind of an important one. And it’s not even that hard. Have a yogurt, or some eggs or something.”

These artists are serious about reducing their negative impact on the environment, and adamant about helping others to do the same. For more ideas on how you can save the planet, click here and join them in doing 1Thing.