6 Easy Ways to Have a More Sustainable Tailgate Party

healthy tailgating tips
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Tailgating is a pastime Americans have grown to love almost as much as watching the football game itself.

And with thousands of spectators grilling and throwing back beers in parking lots prior to kickoff, there are several ways you can assure your latest pre-game celebration doesn’t generate any unnecessary waste.

So before you pack-up your coolers, here are a few easy tips to make your tailgate shindig a little bit greener.


If you are heading with a group, carpooling is not only environmentally sound and cheaper, but it’s also more fun. And if everyone plans to be enjoying as many White Claws as they want, then the logical and responsible option is to Uber/Lyft your way to the game.

Head to the Thrift Store

What’s better than a brand new New York Giants t-shirt? A vintage New York Giants t-shirt! No matter who your favorite team is, head to a second-hand store for team apparel and support sustainable fashion. While you’re at it, pick up some used folding chairs and tables to keep your soiree on brand. Remember, you’re partying in a parking lot!

Leave the Paper Plates at Home

Reusable plates, cups and utensils are the way to go. Not only do you already own them, but you can feel happy you’re not generating extra trash that winds up in landfills. If you do opt for disposable items, look for ones that are biodegradable or made from recycled materials.

Buy Organic and Local

Support small business and buy local and seasonal foods. Hit up a farmer’s market or, at the very least, head to your nearest Whole Foods for some organic beef burgers and hot dogs. If there’s a local brewery, pick up the beer there. Your neighbors - and your carbon footprint - will thank you.

Get Lit With Propane

Grilling with propane is actually better than charcoal. Although propane is still a fossil fuel, it burns cleaner than charcoal or even wood. Other perks include that it burns faster and the clean-up is easier since you don’t have to find some place to discard the residual coal or ash.


This goes without saying, but recycle all cans and bottles. Look to see if the stadium provides recycling bins. Even if they don't, label a bag for your recyclables and make sure everyone in your group is aware of where to properly dispose of items.

Happy tailgating!