Bubble Wrap Goes Green With New Version Made of 90% Recyclable Materials

bubble wrap
Photo credit Getty Images

Now you can finally pop with a clear conscious.

Sealed Air Corporation, the company that invented Bubble Wrap, has introduced a new version of its iconic product that is made up of 90% recyclable materials.

The content used to make the new version of Bubble Wrap is sourced from post-industrial materials that would otherwise end up in landfills, reports Environmental + Energy Leader.

The move is part of a broader sustainability pledge vowed by the company, whose future products will also incorporate post-consumer recycled content.

According to Sealed Air, Bubble Wrap-branded packaging material can also be dropped off at official store locations to be recycled with the big-picture goal of reducing plastic waste.

Both the original as well as recycled-content versions of Bubble Wrap have been approved by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, which deems them recyclable alongside flexible plastics including shopping bags, bread bags and dry-cleaning bags.

The new sustainable version of Bubble Wrap can be purchased on Amazon, as well as through authorized Sealed Air distributors for industrial orders.

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