Reduce Plastic Waste With This All-Natural Shampoo Bar

shampoo on hair in shower
Photo credit Getty Images

What if there was a way to get that clean shampoo feel without the guilt of knowing where the plastic bottle will end up?

Fortunately, there is. Lush shampoo bars offer an easy solution to the major problem of plastic packaging waste.

Over the last few years, Lush has worked to bring attention to worldwide sustainability issues.

Almost two years ago, the company sold the Lush turtle bath bomb to raise awareness about marine pollution and cleaning up the oceans.

Last year, they did a heavy promotional push to bring their line of shampoo and conditioning bars to the spotlight. Although Lush has sold these for years, the opportunity they offer to reduce plastic waste has never been more crucial.

Each bar is claimed to last approximately 80 washes, or about three bottles of the same product. And in addition to using plastic-free packaging, the bars are made from all-natural ingredients less harmful to your skin, hair and the environment.

Each coming in its own handy tin container, Lush shampoo bars offer a unique tactile experience -- like using a bar of soap, but for your hair.

Last year, Lush shared a Facebook video that highlights the severity of the global plastic waste problem.