5 Creative Ways to Incorporate Juice Pulp Into Your Diet

Add fiber and reduce waste in the process
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Juicing has been all the rage for years now. The health craze is a great way to replenish nutrients and give your immune system a boost, but you’re losing the vegetable’s fiber in the process. It both creates waste from perfectly good fruits and vegetables, and takes out an aspect vital to your colon and to staying full.

Here are some great ways to reduce the waste and put that fiber right back into your diet.

1. Turn juice pulp into ice cubes

Adding fruit into water is a great way to make staying hydrated a little more exciting. Turning leftover fruit pulp into ice cubes is an easy way to add a refreshing twist to water and other drinks.

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2. Boost your smoothies

Leftover pulp can turn a smoothie into a hearty drink filled with fiber. If you want to sneak some veggies in, add vegetable pulp. Adding fruit pulp keeps with the sweetness most people want in a smoothie while still thickening it.  

3. Add vegetable pulp to your scrambled eggs

Vegetable pulp in scrambled eggs is another way to sneak veggies into unexpected places. The added nutrients are a no-brainer and it adds a subtle twist to the classic breakfast.

4. Make vegetable dip

Transforming the pulp into the star of a totally new dish is a great way to satisfy your snack cravings while minimizing waste. Mixing it with Greek yogurt and spices creates the perfect dip, and adding it to humus is a slightly more time-consuming version of this tip. Try this hummus recipe here.

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5. Add it to baked goods

While it may seem like adding the pulp to more decadent treats defeats the healthy purpose, it’s actually a great way to make those treats guilt-free. A wide array of pulps can be added to muffins, making the perfect base for the snack time and breakfast favorite.