Netflix to Debut Inspiring 'Our Planet' in Early April

The streaming giant is getting into the conservation game

Nature documentaries seem like no-brainer for streaming giant Netflix, as they cross off two important factors in deciding what content to be involved with.

One, they're watchable. People like them. This makes it an easy "yes" for Netflix executives. Secondarily, they're important. They quite literally change the way we view the world we live in.

Jumping into the world of eco-awareness, Netflix will send Our Planet out onto their platform on April 5th. The original film will examine how climate change impacts all living creatures, and will be narrated by the legendary David Attenborough. 

Inspired by the success of both Planet Earth and Blue Earth, two series that changed how we see our world, Netflix promises that Our Planet will go one step further by starting a conversation about how we can keep our shared home safe. Much of the documentary will carry the message of what viewers can do to help save all of our planet's creatures.

Our Planet took a reported four years to film, capturing life on all continents. It will also be available in 10 different languages.