The Surprising Way to Dramatically Decrease Your Household’s Food Waste

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US consumers waste an average of 150,000 tons of food per day. That equates to about a pound per person, and 40% of that waste is estimated to come from fruits and vegetables alone. While adding fresh produce is a great way to eat healthier, it also goes bad quickly and can lead to a whole lot of wasted food.

What’s an unexpected solution? Buying frozen foods.

Frozen foods are often frowned upon due to the assumption that they’re all very processed. While lots of convenience items are high in sodium and additives that we can’t even pronounce, there are some true hidden gems in the frozen food aisle.

Organic frozen vegetables are a great option to avoid the waste from fresh produce. They’re often cheaper, they retain most of the nutrients (sometimes even more than fresh vegetables), they’re convenient, and they last a whole lot longer. Steaming them is the best way to keep all the nutrients, but microwaving also works.  

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Freezing your leftovers is also a great option that people often overlook. Are you also guilty of making way more soup than your family could ever need in a week? Pop half of it in the freezer, and save it for those nights when you don’t feel like cooking again.

You can also freeze your produce. We love popping a mix of berries into the freezer and using them for morning smoothies.