Sustainable Sneakers To Keep You & the Planet Healthy

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Working on your beach body this summer while staying environmentally conscious has never been easier.

In the last few years, fitness brands have stepped up their game by developing sneakers that are not only fashionable but also ethically-made.

Here are few options that will make you feel good about both your workout and saving the planet.

First up is Adidas, who, after previously creating the first performance footwear made from yarns from reclaimed and recycled marine plastic waste, are now taking their green initiative even further.

Once the shoe has literally run its course, customers can return their FutureCraft.Loop trainers to Adidas who will then wash, grind up and melt them into materials to make new ones.  It’s the sneaker that never gets thrown away.

Dr. Scholl’s wants to make you feel good inside and out.

As part of their spring 2019 collection, the orthopedic foot care company has developed sustainable sneakers for men and women entitled Howe and Herzog.

The new sustainable line features outsoles that are made using rice husks instead of rubber and midsoles created out of algae-based foam instead of traditional ethylene-vinyl acetate. In addition, all the leather is repurposed,  and the lining is 100% cotton. Howe and Herzog come in three styles and retail for $100.

Earlier this year, clothing retailer Everlane announced their new sustainable footwear line Tread with the launch of the first show in the collection called The Trainer.

Made using 18% percent less carbon emissions than the average performance shoe, The Trainer hopes to be the world’s lowest-impact sneaker. The outsole is 94% virgin plastic-free, the insole is made from foam and the laces are polyester. The Trainer comes in seven colors and retails for $98.

So, run don’t walk to get these sustainable kicks!