A Guide to Environmentally-Friendly and Guilt Free Valentine’s Day Gifts

5 ways to show your love to the Earth on February 14
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Photo credit © Panuwat Dangsungnoen | Dreamstime.com

Valentine’s Day is our chance to indulge in some consumerism and turn it into a positive by showering loved ones with gifts, even if the “loved one” is just ourselves.

While it turns out of people agree that it’s a marketing trap where we waste a lot of money, the allure of giant teddy bears and bouquets of helium balloons comes creeping back every year. If you’re choosing to treat someone special on February 14, we have some environmentally-conscious ways to help you enjoy it guilt-free.

Gift an experience

Our continuous advice for gift giving is to give an experience instead of a physical gift! The best memories are made by planning a date to go out to eat, going ice/roller skating, taking a trip to the art museum etc. Go square dancing, book a parasailing trip! Fun experiences are the best gifts anyone could give.

Give potted plants / Plant a tree

Finding a pot filled with an arrangement of tiny succulents is both more sustainable and even cuter than a bouquet of flowers. Giving a potted plant or even planting a gift tree are environmentally-friendly gifts that will keep on giving back to Mother Nature.

Shop at environmentally-conscious stores

Shopping at stores with mass-produced items can lead to both wasteful and generic gifts. Choosing instead to shop at places like Lush that have more than enough “treat yoself” friendly items to choose from but are also often handmade and packaging-free is the perfect switch. 

Make edible gifts

Gifting food is a great way to both save money and ensure you’re giving something with zero waste. Homemade chocolate chip cookies not only won’t go to waste, but the entire batch will probably be gone after the first day.

Gift artwork

Finding the perfect painting is a thoughtful gift that can not only support local artists but is also largely waste free. A painting is a special way to show your love in a lasting and far less wasteful way.