Jason Momoa Shares Intense PSA Against Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles

The actor is hilariously saving the environment
Jason Momoa attends the Aquaman Sydney Fan Event at Event Cinemas George Street on December 19, 2018 in Sydney, Australia
Photo credit Brook Mitchell, Getty

Jason Momoa is very passionate about everything he does. From his role as Aquaman to saving the environment, the beloved actor is someone we can always count on to get the job done.

Now, Momoa is using his platform for good and sharing a very important PSA against single-use water bottles. “Listen,” he says as he slaps a water bottle out of someone’s hand, “it doesn’t matter how you hydrate, as long as you do it without using single-use plastic.”

The hilarious video shared to his 12.6 million followers takes advantage of his reach, helping save mother nature and having fun while doing it. But, why should we all be as angry as Jason about the use of disposable water bottles?

Only about 25% of plastic water bottles actually get recycled. When they aren’t recycled, they sit in a landfill for an estimated 1000 years, taking up valuable land and often ending up in oceans before breaking down. When plastic “decomposes,” it simply breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces that become more and more difficult to clean up.

Producing and transporting water bottles can take upwards of 1000x the amount of energy it takes to produce tap water. And, let’s be honest: most bottled water isn’t even that good!

In short, listen to Jason Momoa and buy a reusable water bottle!