Say "I Do" to Mother Nature by Ditching the Valentine's Day Balloons

Balloons are the next anti-plastic movement target
Valentine`s day background - group of red heart shaped balloons over brick wall.
Photo credit © Diana Eller |

As we’re preparing to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the first thing to plan is what to get your loved ones. This year, we’re also planning out ways to profess our love to Mother Nature. 

One of the most popular gifts for everything from graduations to birthday celebrations to Valentine’s Day is balloons. The inflatable globes are cute, readily available, and sure crowd pleasers. But, are they environmentally friendly? 

No! Any sort of disposable plastic is a bad move. When coupled with popular show-stopping releases like sending hundreds of balloons into the sky, the helium-filled cuties turn into a littering nightmare. 

According to Treehugger, balloons should be right after straws on our hit list of convenient things that have a negative impact on the environment. This February 14, show the Earth how much you love it by choosing gifts like flowers, cookies, and experiences instead. 

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