Asa Lacy: I knew Kansas City is where I wanted to be

By 610 Sports Radio

Royals first-round draft pick Asa Lacy met with local media via Zoom call on Thursday, to answer a few questions about their draft day experiences and just how different the process has been, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Asked about any anxiety he had leading up to hearing his name called but the Royals with the 4th pick, Lacy had this to say, "Yeah, maybe a little bit." Many mock drafts had Lacy slated to go with the second or third pick of the draft. "I knew Kansas City was where I wanted to be, so it wasn't a shock to me when I got the call from Mr. Goldberg. Just to hear the roar from my friends and my family all around me, it was just incredible."

According to Lacy, one of the biggest draws to being drafted by the Royals was not only the relationship that he had developed with Dayton Moore, which he spoke very highly of but also the competitive environment that they have put in place by drafting so many early-round pitchers, over the last 2-3 years.

Knowing the college baseball season had been cut short, Lacy touched on what he had been focusing on and what he needed to do, in order to improve his game. "Yeah, just continuing to repeat my delivery as much as possible. I'd like to say I'm a perfectionist, but our Psychologist at Texas A&M just continues to remind me to strive for excellence. For me, that's just continuing to work on the consistency of my curveball and work the changeup in more because I didn't get a chance to work on it as a whole lot this spring."

Being from Texas and continuing his college career in the state of Texas, Lacy had this to say about when he finally touches down in Kansas City for the very first time. "I mean it's gonna be awesome, I just can't wait. I'm really looking forward to it, just getting to meet everybody and getting to meet the front office, getting to see Nick again. I mean it's really going to be a very great time, happy time in my life."

We can't wait either, Asa.