Hosmer on 2015 Royals: 'These teams were starting to fear us'

By 610 Sports Radio

Eric Hosmer was one of several Royals homegrown prospects that came up through the minor leagues together and eventually led the team to back to back World Series appearances and a Championship in 2015, the first for the Royals in 30 years. He joined us for our "Royals 5-Year Reunion" segment and shared several stories about that memorable run, in 2015.

I found this particular story most interesting, as Hosmer explained how the team didn't feel like they were getting any respect from other teams and were being pitched to "up and in", a little too often.

"The White Sox fight to me was awesome because (Lorenzo) Cain was so fired up when that happened and I remember (Jeff) Samardzija running in and he was yelling for Cain, and all of a sudden you hear Cain, you just hear "Man I don't like you, I'm looking for you, let's go!" We were like man, Cain is the nicest guy in the world and all of a sudden it brought out a different energy in Cain, that we saw, and I think that fired everybody up, just seeing that," Hosmer said on Fescoe in the Morning on Thursday. Asked how something like that fires everybody up, Hosmer elaborated on what it's like to see something like that from your teammates in that situation, "It just fires everybody up and it goes without being said, that pitchers, the bullpen guys, that's the baddest bullpen on in the league and if you throw high and inside on our guys, the word was out in the league that these guys are coming after us. I remember plenty of times where guys would get hit on our team and guys would come to first base and be like, "You guys know we weren't doing that on purpose, right?" From that point on, I think the word was out in the league, I think there was a fear out there and these teams were starting to fear us because everybody knew about that bullpen and we stuck together, everybody had each other's back. It was as simple as that"

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