Lorenzo Cain: 'You could see how bad everybody wanted it'

By 610 Sports Radio

Lorenzo Cain was a staple for the 2014 Kansas City Royals, who made their first World Series appearances in 29 years. While he might be best known for his defense in centerfield, his bat helped carry the team through the 2014 playoffs, as he collected 20 hits in 15 postseason games before falling one game shy of a championship, that year.

Cain spoke with Fescoe in the Morning during their Royals 5 Year Reunion segment on Thursday morning and told the guys how coming that close to winning it all in 2014, drove him and his teammates in 2015 and helped them capture their first World Series title since 1985.

"Being in that situation in 2014, getting the chance to make it to the World Series, after playing just unbelievable baseball throughout the entire playoffs, sweeping every team and then getting to the Giants and to get to Game 7 and lose... It was heartbreaking," Cain said while speaking on Fescoe in the Morning on Thursday. "That offseason the motivation was through the roof, to get that close and not win it was something that just stuck with us, well I can't speak for anybody else, but it stuck with me the entire offseason."

"When you're working out, you need certain motivating factors and that crept in my mind a lot while I was doing that extra conditioning. At times maybe I wanted to quit, and I would push myself through to the finish line, by using us getting that close to winning a World Series, as motivation for sure," Cain continued.

"It's something that motivated me that next offseason and it pushed me. I definitely saw how hungry everybody was when I showed up for Spring Training that very next year, and you could just see that everybody was in unbelievable shape, that was probably the best shape I've ever seen from a group of guys. You could see how bad everybody wanted it, day1 of Spring Training."