Ned Yost: My neighbor turned the ALDS game off in the 8th inning

By 610 Sports Radio

Continuing the Royals 5-Year Reunion series, the guys from Fescoe in the Morning caught up with former Royals' Manager Ned Yost on Thursday. 

Asked what memories come to mind when looking back at the 2015 season and postseason, Yost recalled a voicemail from his neighbor that he heard following the comeback win in game 4 of the ALDS in Houston.

"The thing I remember about that game is it was such a great game and we came back for game 5. I got a phone message from my next-door neighbor who was an older gentleman and he had Parkinson's, his name was John Taylor. I pick up the phone and there's a message from John and he said, "Hey Ned, oh geez you guys had a great year and I'm looking forward to you getting home, come on home and we'll go hunting. Be proud of what you accomplished and I'll see you soon but great job, great job," Yost recalled. I thought to myself, John turned the T.V. off in the eighth inning, he doesn't know we won that game."

Yost recalled calling John up and asking, "Hey John how are you doing? "Ned hey, how are you doing, are you doing okay?" John asked. Yeah, I'm doing good, let me ask you a question... Did you turn the T.V. off in the eighth inning? Yost asked. "Yeah I couldn't bear to watch it anymore," John said. John, we came back and won that game. "What?" Yeah, we won that game and we got game 5 tonight, turn the game on and watch us win! John says, "I gotta go, bye." Boom, he hangs up. I'm never gonna forget John, that was funny for me that he was watching that game, thinking we were doomed in the eighth inning and turning it off, then making a call the next day trying to make me feel better, I'll never forget that."