3rd rd pick Tyler Gentry is looking forward to the Minor League grind

By 610 Sports Radio

 The Kansas City Royals have made a habit of loading up on arms over the last few MLB drafts. The one exception to that this year was the third-round selection of slugging Alabama outfielder Tyler Gentry. 

After a year at the JUCO level playing for Wallace State Community College, Gentry transferred to the University of Alabama where he hit .301 and .429 in his two seasons, respectively. Not only did Gentry hit for average but showed plenty of pop, with 17 home runs in 73 games for the Crimson Tide.

Speaking with Jason and John of 92.9 FM ESPN Radio in Memphis, TN, Gentry recalled his draft day experience of being selected by the Royals and was asked what it was like to receive the call? "Actually it wasn't a call, most people get the call but I was just kinda texting with my advisors in a group chat with two of them, they were in touch with a bunch of the teams and they said, "Hey, the Royals are thinking about picking you with their next pick coming up here, would you be interested?" and I said yes. Then came the suspense of, are they gonna take me? I looked up at the screen and the next thing I know the Royals pick is on the clock, so I started texting my advisors asking if they were picking me and they text me back, "yes they are." That's when I got the relief and got to hear my name called."

Once the reality hit for Tyler that he had been selected, his mind quickly shifted to, "what's next?" With so much uncertainty in baseball, both with the pandemic and ongoing labor negotiations, Gentry said that he's headed for K.C. this weekend for the first-year player orientation, physicals and to hopefully sign his first contract, before heading minicamp and a possible fall league.

Knowing that being drafted in MLB is different than other sports like football, where you're expected to make an impact right away, Gentry said he's looking forward to the grind of the minor leagues. Getting better every day, working his way through the system, and playing every day, is something he's looking forward to and loves to do. 

Gentry was asked about his outlook on the Royals organization, what he thought about the roster, and the team that he is joining and his response was pretty straight forward. "I'm really excited about it, everything I've heard about them, everything I've read and talked about to other people, is that they are a really classy organization, they treat their employees really well and they treat their players really well. They are one of the best-run organizations in the whole league."