Andy Reid proud of team's humble approach to season


(610 Sports) -- In the history of the NFL, only seven franchises have won back-to-back Super Bowls, a statistic that's not lost on Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. Having coached in the NFL for 28 years, Reid understands how hard it is to win in this league and he understands what it takes from his players, that's what makes him so proud of this Chiefs' team.

Joining Fescoe in the Morning, on Tuesday, Reid shared the things he sees from this team, which give him the confidence that they could very well join those other seven franchises, who hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in back-to-back years. According to Reid, it's more than just the talent you see on the field.

"The thing I'm proudest about, is the guys persevering through and winning games. You kinda go back and look at the schedule you had and there's some pretty good football teams that we the opportunity to play against," said Reid. "To be able to get yourself in a position to win each and every week, that's pretty good, you're headed the right direction, at least."

Reid's mention of perseverance is most likely a reference to the team's last seven wins of the season, in which they won each by less than a touchdown. As the defending Super Bowl Champions, you know you're going to get every opponent's best shot, and the Chiefs were able to overcome much more often than not, finishing 14-2 on the season. If you chalk those close games up to the team just trying to cruise through the season, don't tell Andy that, he claims the team is as meticulous in their preparation as ever.

"It's tough enough to win one game in this league, let alone win 14 of them. I'm proud of them for that, maybe most of all, I'm proud that they've taken a humble approach to everything. They haven't sat there beating their chest and said, "We're the Super Bowl Champs and you can't beat us," Reid said of the team. "That's not the way they've gone about it, they've not let up an inch on the process of getting ready to play each team."

Reid continued to heap praise on the team and their preparation heading into the postseason. "I appreciate that a ton and I think that will carry over as we get ready for the next opponent. I would be surprised if anything were to change from now till then, as they get ready. You'll get the best of what they got and we hope that will be good enough, as they go forward."