Chiefs give up too many big plays in loss to Raiders


(610 Sports) - Raider week ended with a bad taste for most, if not all Chiefs fans, as Derek Carr finally broke through at Arrowhead Stadium, as the Chiefs fell to the Las Vegas Raiders 40-32.

The first half of the game was a shootout where the Chiefs and Raiders would answer each other almost point for point. The second half of the game was almost a completely different story, as the Raiders took their time and were able to score on long drives, grinding out the clock and making plays when they needed them the most and converting on third and fourth downs, leading to the Chiefs first loss of the season.

There are a number of things you can point to, like bad calls that should have been pass interference or the offensive line being eaten up by the Raiders pass rush. You can also point blame on the big plays given up by the The Chiefs defense. The Raiders had five plays that went for 40 plus yards and one was a 72-yard pass from Carr to Henry Ruggs III.

You can tell the Chiefs were a little off after Kelechi Osemele went down with a knee injury in the first half, after that it seemed like Patrick Mahomes was moving all over the backfield to evade Raiders pass rushers. Mahomes was sacked three times and pressured consistently, helping to generate Mahomes' first interception of the season.

The first edition of Raiders week in 2020 was a blast and I can’t wait to see what will happen in November, as the Chiefs make their first trip to the Deathstar in Las Vegas.