Mahomes hooks up his offensive line and coaches for Christmas


(610 Sports) -- For many of us, Christmas in 2020 was different, whether that meant we spent time with family virtually or chose to keep the family gatherings smaller than usual, we still tried to keep the spirit of the holiday, the same. One guy that brought that spirit to teammates and coaches, is Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs signal caller took the time to sit down with us and talk about Christmas, specifically what he was gifting this year to teammates and coaches. Being someone that signed a $503 million dollar contract and has endorsements with brands like Adidas, Oakley, Head & Shoulders, State Farm, among others, you have to assume he wasn't handing out Jelly of the Month club memberships.

It's pretty much tradition that a team's quarterback takes care of his offensive line come Christmas after all, those are the guys that have taken care of the quarterback all season to this point. So it was no surprise when asked if he got his teammates gifts, Mahomes mentioned his linemen, right off the top.

"I got the o-linemen gifts, and some of the coaches, some of the quarterbacks and guys like that. I mean you gotta take care of those guys up front, I mean they take care of you every single day," said Mahomes.

Mahomes was asked if everyone got a watch, or if that was just a gift just for the o-line? Seeing that Chiefs offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele had posted a picture of a watch engraved with his name on the back, with the caption, "Get you a QB like @PatrickMahomes."

"Just the o-line, they all got a couple watches. As a group, I mean I gotta take care of those guys a little bit more than everybody else," Mahomes said, before issuing an apology to the rest of the team. "No offense to any of my other guys but that group upfront gets a little special treatment."

Asked if he could share what he got for the coaches, Mahomes was more than happy to share. "The coaches, I gave them a little travel suitcase type thing with some Adidas apparel, some Oakleys, and all type of stuff that coaches love and I thought they could utilize. They were very thankful for that and everything like that. Just as much as anything else, those guys spend like their whole entire life at the facilities preparing to put us in the best situation possible, so you wanna take care of those guys, as well."

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