Patrick Mahomes Reveals His Favorite Throw That He's Ever Made


(610 Sports) - In a game against the division rival Los Angeles Chargers, where the Chiefs were assumed to win handily, they found themselves unable to make much of anything happen on offense in the first half of the game. Did they panic? No, that's not the way this team does things, as a matter of fact, they have made a living lately of getting down to teams by double digits and then making a furious rally in the 4th quarter to win each game. That never say die mentality starts with the unshakable Patrick Mahomes.

You don't need to be a fan of the Chiefs or even a fan of Patrick Mahomes to understand how special the young signal caller is, just watch what he does on the field week in and week out. We witnessed this incredible trait again yesterday afternoon against the Los Angeles Chargers, with his team down 8 in the 4th quarter, Mahomes rolled out to his left and flung the ball 50 yards to Tyreek Hill who lunged into the end-zone for a 54 yard touchdown. This sort of thing has become routine, so much so that when Mahomes joined Carrington Harrison and Sean Levine of "The Drive" on Monday, they had to ask him about it.

"What throw that you've made so far in your career is the one that you look back at and go, "Holy crap, I can't believe I did that?" Mahomes was asked.

"Probably the one against the Ravens on 4th down," Mahomes said. "I think it was my first year starting on 4th down and 7 or 8 or whatever it was, 4th down and 10. The throw that Tyreek came back and got, it was one of those plays where I kind of threw it in his direction and he was able to catch it. It was a big play in the game, that was probably my favorite."

On a day where there was no crowd atmosphere to feed off of, Mahomes shared what he was able to do to bring his team back when the offense didn't seem to be hitting on all cylinders.

"You gotta try and feed off your own emotions and we found a way at the end of it," Mahomes said. "It's gonna be something that to get used to but we are gonna have to because we have a big game this week and there won't be any fans in the stands."

I can only speak for myself but we should all be comfortable with whatever throw Patrick decides he needs to make or where he feels he needs to draw his motivation from.

Patrick Mahomes makes an unreal throw to Tyreek Hill on 4th and 9 against the Baltimore Ravens.