Patrick Mahomes weighs in on LeBron G.O.A.T. debate


(610 Sports) - Don't ask Patrick Mahomes to weigh in on a G.O.A.T. debate, he's no fan of player comparisons and suggests you just soak it all in.

Wise words coming from a player, who in his brief career, is already doing things we've never seen from from the quarterback position. Mahomes himself, draws comparisons to former players like Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre, albeit a more accurate version of the former signal caller, who's a little less reckless with the football.

Joining 610 Sports The Drive on Monday afternoon, Mahomes was asked to weigh in on a popular fan debate, following the Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA Championship.

"How close do you think LeBron is to being the G.O.A.T.," asked show host, Sean Levine?

"To me, I never try to compare that type of stuff," Mahomes said. "I mean, I think you just appreciate the greatness that you're seeing. I know whenever I'm older and I get to talk to my kids and my grandkids, I will talk about these momoments I get to see from LeBron. Throughout his entire career of me growing up, he has been a great player and it's special to see at whatever it is, year 17, that he's still out there being the best player in the world."

"There was a lot of stuff revolving around Kobe Bryant, obviously, for the game last night. Were you a big fan of his growing up," Mahomes was asked?

"Yeah, I mean how could you not be", Mahomes asked? "The way he could go out there and dominate every single night with that killer's mentality and then when he got done with his career, the way he was with his family and on the business side he was someone that was truly inspirational and someone you could look at as how to go about it and do it the right way."

With this kind of humility and team-first approach, it's become really easy to root for Patrick Mahomes as he becomes the face of the NFL. Truly not one to say "look at me", we should all take some of his advice and just sit back to enjoy the greatness while it lasts.

Listen to Mahomes' full interview with The Drive: