This Steeler fan is taking the internet by storm, Zach Banner says he's his 'spirit animal'

Primanti Bros. want to send this guy some sandwiches

Steelers offensive lineman Zach Banner has found his spirit animal and Pittsburgh may have found its favorite member of Steeler Nation.

During Sunday’s game in Jacksonville, the CBS cameras caught a Steeler fan in the stands looking like the team’s original logo.

The man was seen in a pair of black overalls with a Steeler logo, accompanied with a Steelers safety helmet and a huge gold chain and with oversized Steeler logo on it and of course a Steelers mask.

The fan, also appeared to have a tattoo in honor of late Steelers owner Dan Rooney near his shoulder.

Oh and of course a big can of Bud Light.

Primanti Bros was so impressed, they wanted to find how who the guy was so they could send him some sandwiches.

One user on Twitter claimed to know who the fan was posting an another photo of him at the game, this time revealing another Steeler themed tattoo.