Bernstein: Bulls Getting Self-Owned

By 670 The Score
(670 The Score) Trying to be bad but not being bad enough, then trying to win and not winning enough so that they can hope that being not quite bad enough was good enough, and then hoping against hope.

This is Chicago Bulls' organizational strategy.

Seven-Seven-Seven would be a flashing and clanging slot-machine win, but in the NBA Draft Lottery, it's a big pile of lukewarm basketball porridge, slopped out of the mixing bowl and onto the counter in front of a team that currently features a chef using the handle to chop the veggies as the blade slices into his hand he grabs so hard, and his bosses nod from upstairs while he passes out on the kitchen floor, muttering about spirit and heart.

All of that losing -- the Bulls went 22-60 this past season -- for DeAndre White or Coby Hunter, Jarrett Hachimura or Darius Culver.  

Bleh, bleh, bleh.

And bleh.

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