Cubs' Hendricks Changes Offseason Approach

(670 The Score) Right-hander Kyle Hendricks has been the Cubs' most consistent starting pitcher since breaking into the big leagues back in 2014. 

Hendricks is 63-43 with a 3.14 ERA over his six-year career, and only once over his last five full seasons has he failed to reach 30 or more starts. He also has never posted worse than a 3.95 ERA.

Even so, consistency for Hendricks goes beyond the numbers. That's why Hendricks adjusted his approach in the offseason, choosing to work with a new trainer with the intention of focusing more on his body movement.

The goal for Hendricks was to feel more comfortable in his delivery, as he detailed on the Bernstein & McKnight Show on Thursday morning.

"Just had to make some changes (with) the last two years, what I felt in my body," Hendricks said. "So, my shoulder feels real stable and strong. My legs was a big focus for me; I feel stronger. Not necessarily trying to gain velo, but just trying to make sure my mechanics are solid and it's easily repeatable. If velo happens to come from that, from what I'm doing and what I changed, that would be great.

"Just your body motion, stability throughout your entire body. Doing athletic movements on the side. Not just pushing weight in the weight room. Working through athletic movements so you're more in your body. So, by the time I go through my whole motion, I know where my body is at all times and I can rely on that feedback.

"Sometimes when you're not strong enough in the right positions, you'll roll through your windup and you're not quite sure where you even were or where your arm was at. You're just a little off. I just feel really good in my body right now. The things I've done this offseason feel great."

Hendricks was 11-10 with a 3.46 ERA over 30 starts in 2019. The Cubs open the season against the Brewers in Milwaukee on March 26. Hendricks is expected to start in the Cubs' opening series.