Loretta Ready To Complement Maddon In New Job

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(670 The Score) Following manager Joe Maddon's vow to become more hands-on in coaching style in 2019, new Cubs bench coach Mark Loretta believes he can help complement Maddon and his new team.

"Joe is such a great teacher and he knows so much about the game," Loretta said on the Bernstein & McKnight Show on Friday afternoon. "To get him involved with the players even more so and have them do some one-on-one time is key. So I think Jed (Hoyer), Theo (Epstein) and Joe, what they're asking me to do is be that liaison between Joe and the players and the office, quite frankly as well, because in this day and age there's so much integration between a front office and staff and players. I'm just really going to forge as good of relationships as I can with the players. Sometimes players feel more comfortable going to a coach than a manager just because of the manager's seat. So I understand that. 

"I'll also be involved more so on the hitting side and the infield side because that's sort of my strengths."

Loretta has replaced Brandon Hyde, who departed to become the new manager of the Orioles. Loretta is a 15-year MLB veteran who spent the past nine seasons in the Padres' front office. He was most recently a special assistant in baseball operations, and he explained that he filled a variety of roles, from doing scouting to player development work to focusing on the organization's community outreach. He enjoyed that job in part because it also allowed him the flexibility to be around his two kids as they grew up.

Now, Loretta is ready to dive back into the daily grind of a long season.

"When Jed called, it really got the juices flowing again," Loretta said. "At some point, I knew I wanted to get back on the field in some capacity, and this just seemed to be a good fit at the right time for everybody involved."