Robbie Gould explains the details of what made Devin Hester so great

"His vision and his patience was elite," Gould says.
By 670 The Score

(670 The Score) Veteran NFL kicker Robbie Gould played eight seasons alongside electrifying returner Devin Hester during their time together with the Bears.

In that span, Gould came to appreciate the details of what made Hester the NFL's all-time return touchdowns leader. It wasn't just Hester's immense talent but the way he made it happen, Gould explained to 670 host Zach Zaidman on Thursday afternoon.

"On punt returns, his vision and his patience was elite," said Gould, who recently completed his fourth season with the 49ers. "If you look at when he caught the ball, he wasn't really catching the ball and running straight right away. He was trying to set it up with a couple steps. He was able to find the hole. His speed once he got through there -- he had everybody on the same line covering kicks -- once he got through that line, it was over. I mean, you couldn't stop him.

"It was between him and the punter. He was jumping over guys like Todd Sauerbrun who punted to him. I think a lot of his speed and his vision is what people kind of took for granted a little bit. Those who decided they weren't going to punt with him gave his team great field position because they were OK with a 38-yard net.

"Historically, you'll see he's the guy who changed the way people think about kicking to elite punt returners."

Hester finished his 11-year NFL career with 14 punt return touchdowns and five kickoff return touchdowns in 156 games. He's eligible to be voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2022.