That Time Ozzie Guillen Sent A Key Message For MJ

By 670 The Score
(670 The Score) During the Eastern Conference Finals in 1993, Bulls superstar Michael Jordan took a break during the team's stay in New York and traveled to Atlantic City for an infamous night at the casino.

Jordan's decision cast light onto his gambling habits and created media-fueled debate and craze that made him upset and uncomfortable. During that playoff series, Jordan stopped speaking with reporters after being pressed on his gambling and widely criticized.

One person who was able to get a message through to Jordan was Ozzie Guillen, then a shortstop for the White Sox. Veteran reporter Cheryl Raye-Stout -- who used to work for WMVP 1000 and is now at WBEZ --  joined the Joe Ostrowski Show on 670 The Score on Tuesday evening and told the story of when Guillen borrowed her recorder and delivered what he viewed as key advice for Jordan.

"He grabs my recorder, and he says, 'Michael Jordan, you can tell the fans to wipe your ass with your money -- and the media,'" Raye-Stout said. "So, I see Michael -- again, he's not talking to us -- and I go, 'Michael, I have a message from Ozzie Guillen.' And I played it for him. He laughed so hard."

Jordan's iconic career and at-times polarizing traits has been on display with "The Last Dance" documentary being aired on ESPN.

The final two episodes of the 10-part documentary air Sunday, starting at 8 p.m.