Gordon Gee: We had to shutdown for the virus but now we know it will linger and we have to dance with it until the vaccine comes


The President of West Virginia University Gordon Gee joined Ken Carman and Anthony Lima to talk about how colleges and universities are dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic.

President Gee talked about how he's dealt with leading a public university during the pandemic, who will make the ultimate decision on playing this season and how they are preparing for students to return to campus in the fall.

“We have a hammer and a dance," Dr. Gee said. "The hammer is we just shut everything down and we have done that. But, now we know this virus is going to linger, there’s a vaccine coming and we have to learn to dance with the thing, understand how we can best be safe”

President Gee also shared his thoughts on if it's feasible to move football to the spring, and if there is concern that the virus could change the current path that college sports is looking to take and shut things down.

“You can’t look through the rear view mirror. We cannot shut down society, life. You know 88,000 people died of influenza last year, 50,000 died in car wrecks. So have to deal with the risk and reward and also the collateral damage.”

Dr. Gee also commented on how not having football could affect all of the other programs on campus.