Cavs Notes – Beilein looks for clarity on traveling, plus a Henson update and OSU-Michigan

By 92.3 The Fan
CLEVELAND, OH – The Cavaliers were called for seven travels during Wednesday’s loss to the Magic.

Head coach John Beilein was clearly frustrated with his players and their 25 turnovers, but he’s also looking for some clarity from the NBA League Office.

“It’s like holding in the NFL, they could call it every time,” Beilein said during his postgame press conference on Wednesday night. “But should they? Would that be good for the game?”

Beilein has a call in with the league and hopes to resolve the issue not only for the Cavs, but for the rest of the NBA.

“I just think it’s a really difficult call,” Beilein said when asked about the topic on Friday night. “My thought is just like in anything ­– if it’s not absolutely sure, don’t call anything. And even one bad travel call that’s not a travel that is called a travel is one of the worst calls in basketball.”

The NBA made it a priority to crack down on traveling this offseason. Referees are looking at the offensive players’ feet and making sure a pivot foot is established. It’s something the NBA wanted to change and so far their efforts have worked, but it might be to the wrong extreme.  

“It’s a point of emphasis, they stressed it at the beginning. Couple of them were questionable with travels, but we’ve got to make those adjustments,” Tristan Thompson said on Wednesday. “We just got to do a better job, like Coach said, of landing on two feet,” Thompson said. “When you land on two, you can make a better decision so they can’t call a travel. So we just have to get back to the basics.”

The Cavaliers are a young team. They’re going to have their growing pains and turnover filled games, but they can’t have unnecessary mistakes. The NBA also has a responsibility to make sure they don’t overcorrect a problem that has plagued them for years.

“I trust our league a lot to continue to look at this and see what’s best here in the long run,” Beilein said. “I got a lot of confidence in them.”

Still Injured

John Henson was expected to return to action on Wednesday night, but the veteran center told the team he wasn’t ready to play on his injured right hamstring.

“He just said he was not ready,” Beilein said. “He needed more time and so he’ll get more time.”

Henson suffered the strain in late October. He’s only played in one game since the Cavaliers acquired him in a trade with Milwaukee last December. Beilein and the Cavs would love to have Henson’s length and rim protection in the rotation.

No timetable has been given for his return and he isn't in the lineup on Friday night against the Bucks.


Beilein spent 12 years coaching the Michigan Wolverines before making the leap to the NBA to coach the Cavaliers. The longtime Michigan man was asked about the rivalry on the gridiron and what makes it special prior to Friday’s game against Milwaukee.

“You have two great, great football programs going at it,” Beilein said. “They don’t like each other at all. I’ve been in that tunnel when they go out. It doesn’t remind me of Sunday mass. I’ve been there. It’s a passion filled game. It’s one of the greatest three hours any day, all year long and I’m looking forward to watching it tomorrow.”