Zac Jackson: Nick Chubb proved how much he is worth in the 4 games he missed this season

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Veteran Browns reporter Zac Jackson joined Ken Carman and Anthony Lima to recap the 2020 Cleveland Browns and talk about where they go from here.

Zac gave his thoughts about what the Browns should do with Baker Mayfield’s contract this offseason, how he thinks the front office views Baker’s play this season and if the Browns can win a Super Bowl with Baker at QB.

Zac also talked about Nick Chubb’s contract future and why he will be worth $40-$50 million, if the Browns front office will be willing to pay Chubb that much money and why Chubb won’t be a hold out in training camp next season.

Zac finished by talking about where Odell Beckham Jr.
will play next season and how long Joe Woods will get as the defensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns.