Doc Rivers Says NBA Should Send Its COVID-19 Plan to White House


Doc Rivers could not resist taking a jab at the White House.

The Los Angeles Clippers head coach lauded the NBA’s handling of its Orlando restart bubble during a video press conference with reporters on Tuesday, citing the success of the safety measures the league has put in place that contributed to yielding zero positive COVID-19 results in the latest round of testing on Monday.

As Rivers continued about what a great job the league has done, he could not help himself with a zinger directed toward President Donald Trump.

“As far as our health, we have an app every morning we have to do, you’re wearing bands, everybody is wearing face masks when you’re out in public,” he said. “I mean, maybe we should send our game plan on to the White House.”

The coronavirus pandemic is still present across the nation, especially in Florida where the NBA is on schedule to resume its season on July 30.

While the White House has faced its fair share of criticism, concerns have also been raised by fans and media about the ability of all four major sports – the NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL – and its ability to resume safely amid the coronavirus.

While the NHL plans to split its conferences up into two hub cities, the NBA is the only one of the four leagues that has created a bubble, which has its own risks, but appears to be under the most control with games ready to resume in one week.

“The league has been great,” Rivers said. “They really have been. They’ve done everything right as far as I’m concerned. When you think about it, we’re running a village for the first time, the league is doing pretty well in city management. There is a lot of stuff we can do here.”

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