Draymond Green Fined $50,000 for Devin Booker Tampering Comments


Draymond Green is fortunate to have earned over $80 million throughout his career, with an additional ~$100 million over the next four seasons. Because, boy, does he know how to lose some significant chunks of change.

The most recent episode comes after Green's appearance on "Inside the NBA" on TNT, where he emphasized his thoughts that Suns' star Devin Booker is capping his potential by playing in Phoenix.

It seems as though Ernie was right. As a result of this appearance, the NBA announced that the Warriors' versatile forward has been fined $50,000 for violating the NBA's anti-tampering rule.

Apparently, Green found the whole situation to be quite comical.

The change in league policy came in September of 2019, when the NBA tightened its grip on this otherwise seemingly unavoidable aspect of recruitment.

Booker responded to Green's comments, saying that it's important to him that Suns fans have stuck with the team through some rough years (via ESPN's Nick Friedell). After all, the Suns' winning percentage in the four years since Booker's arrival to the NBA (not including the current season) is an abysmal .265. Trust me, Suns fans: I know the feeling. Supporting the Process-era Sixers was not an easy task, but it's turned out alright... kind of. With Booker, Ayton and a slew of other talented players, the Suns' future is as bright as their mascot would suggest.

This $50,000 sum adds on to quite an astonishing total of fines throughout Green's career, as I previously alluded to. According to Spotrac, Green has been fined $802,000 throughout the course of his career (not including this latest charge), for reasons including criticism of officials (fines of $35,000, $50,000 and $25,000), conduct detrimental to the team ($120,480) and fighting ($25,000).

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