Montrezl Harrell Apologizes to Luka Doncic for '(Expletive) White Boy' Remark


Just like the teams that passed on drafting Luka Doncic (see the video above), big man Montrezl Harrell screwed up. The Clippers' forward-center let his emotions get the best of him after some banging down low and shouted some choice words, which involved race, at Doncic in Game 3 of the Clippers-Mavericks first-round series on Friday.

It's not 100 percent clear what Harrell said through the video, but the reports are that he called Doncic a "(expletive) ass white boy." However, by the next game, it looked as though the two players made up for the incident, with Harrell apologizing to Doncic before the game.

ESPN analyst Jay Williams was extremely critical of Harrell's behavior, posting a video explaining his thoughts on the matter, especially in a time of heightened racial awareness.

However, he was glad about the exchange between the two players that took place before Game 4, saying "Love that Montrez and Luka squashed this before the game. I appreciate people owning things, learning and moving forward to be better," (via Twitter).

Clippers head coach Doc Rivers told Chris Mannix of that he addressed Harrell after the game, and that he "(didn't) think (Harrell) meant anything racially by it."

"He said 'white boy,' but I don’t think there was anything racial intended," Rivers said. "But we are in a very heightened climate and you have to be careful. (Harrell) was the first one to say that. He said, ‘I didn’t mean that racially.’ And I said it doesn’t matter. It’s what’s perceived … make sure you do the right thing.”

Jeff Van Gundy said that he was "a little surprised the league took no action," though the NBA did address the incident with Harrell, according to Mannix.

You can read the thoughts of Mike Fisher from 105.3 The Fan on the matter here.

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