Bill Belichick's bizarre double-mask look completely backfired


Patriots coach Bill Belichick added another chapter to his season-long odyssey with facial coverings.

Seen on at least a couple occasions wearing a mask improperly this year, Belichick apparently tried to atone for his past transgressions by doubling up for Thursday night's game against the Los Angeles Rams.

The legendary head coach was seen early in the game wearing an N95-style white mask on top of a black neck gaiter, a look he has rocked previously.

Later in the game, however, the six-time Super Bowl winner ditched the white mask in favor of the gaiter by itself, and at times appeared to pull the masks away from his face while communicating with players and refs.

Meanwhile the gaiter had an opening for the mouth and nose, a very strange look and not exactly effective in limiting the spread of respiratory droplets.

Football observers and fans had some fun with the future Hall of Famer over the episode.

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