NFL unlikely to discipline Patriots owner after charges dropped in massage parlor case: report


New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft's court victory in a salacious prostitution case likely means he won't face a reprimand from the NFL, according to a report.

Florida prosecutors this week dropped charges against Kraft after he was one of about two-dozen men allegedly caught on tape paying for or receiving sex acts at the Orchids of Asia day spa in Jupiter, Florida, as part of a months-long statewide sting operation targeting prostitution and human trafficking rings.

Kraft's legal team ran circles around prosecutors, according to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, not only getting their client off the hook but apparently potentially setting a new precedent for tighter restraints on law enforcement in surveillance cases.

Looming over it all, the article said, is the fact that a Florida court ruled that the key evidence in the case -- potentially damaging surveillance video which allegedly showed Kraft in the act -- was inadmissible.

The upshot for Kraft is that in addition to seeing the solicitation charges dropped, it's highly unlikely the NFL will pursue an independent investigation of the allegations, Robinson reported.

In the absence of irrefutable evidence such as the video, the league would have three potential avenues for further examining Kraft's case, the article said. Investigators could either speak to Kraft directly, interview the prosecutors who handled the botched case, or interview witnesses.

Any of those options could be fruitless or otherwise problematic for the league, Robinson said.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the situation in March 2019, several weeks after Kraft was charged, confirming owners too are subject to the league's conduct policy.

“The personal conduct policy applies to everybody,” Goodell said. “Commissioners, owners, executives, players, coaches -- and it will be applied to everybody. But it will be done after we get all the facts and have all the information. … We will be fair and smart about it, and that’s what we will do.”

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