Turf toe may be bigger issue for Patrick Mahomes, who will see specialist after season: report


Patrick Mahomes has been cleared from the concussion protocol to play in Sunday’s AFC Championship Game against the Buffalo Bills, but there is another lingering concern for the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

Mahomes also sustained a turf toe injury in his left foot last week, which was deemed a “bigger issue” than being placed into the concussion protocol, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Despite having his injury status removed once cleared from the protocol, the turf toe clearly hampered Mahomes during last week’s Divisional Round game against the Browns and raises questions on whether or not it will impact him Sunday against the Bills.

Mahomes said, per Rapoport, that the toe was “very sore” the next day, but “every single day since then it’s gotten a lot better.”

According to Rapoport, Mahomes will be re-evaluated after the season by a foot specialist to determine if surgery is necessary.

As for whether or not Mahomes indeed sustained a concussion, the Chiefs would not specifically say anything other than he is “in the protocol.”

One source told Rapoport it is irrelevant whether or not he was officially diagnosed with a concussion – the goal is to make sure the players’ brain is fully recovered by the time he takes the field after having a transient neurological event.

Mahomes reportedly missed one question in the verbal concussion test, which resulted in him being placed in the protocol, but did not show any symptoms the remainder of the week and clearing the way for him to play on Sunday.

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