The 10 Best Things You May Have Missed on 92.9 FM ESPN

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By 92.9 FM ESPN

The last month has been full of awesome interviews and entertaining segments.

Here's a look back at the 10 Best Things You May Have Missed on 92.9 FM
1. Don Nelson Interview (Listen here

2. Chandler Parsons Independence Day

Important declarations from @geoff_calkins on the @JasonSmith929 & @JohnMartin929 show.“My fellow Memphians... ----”

— 929ESPN (@929espn) July 3, 2019


3. Stephen A. Smith Interview (Listen here)

.@stephenasmith joined @JasonSmith929 & @JohnMartin929 earlier today.Full interview available here:

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 28, 2019


4. The 1st Annual Memphis Checkin' Olympics (Listen here)
This year's subject was Brad Carson. Listeners roasted him with no regard for humanity. 

------ ------------ -------------- --------------' ----------------The subject: @BradCarson @JasonSmith929 & @JohnMartin929 took your calls. And it did not disappoint. #MemphisRadioHistory

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 26, 2019

Carlos “Flamaholics” took home--in the 1st Annual Memphis Checkin’ Olympics.“Oldest kid on the back of a milk carton...” --His checkin’ was golden.

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 26, 2019

Here are some of the best moments from the 2019 Memphis Checkin’ Olympics on the @JasonSmith929 & @JohnMartin929 Show. @BradCarson has been checked.Thank you, Memphis.

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 26, 2019

It’s @JasonSmith929 & @JasonSmith929 w/@stevekylerNBA at 1125AM The Rundown at 12 @stephenasmith at 1225PM Checkin’ at 1PM @AllDayThomas at 130PM and a new trophy for annual summer main event thanks to @memphismadetees --

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 28, 2019

Shouts to @memphismadetees #JasonAndJohnCheckinOlympicsMainEventTrophy @JasonSmith929 @JohnMartin929

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 28, 2019

The -- From @memphismadetees

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 28, 2019


5. Gonzaga Coach Mark Few (Listen here)

Here's Gonzaga Head Coach Mark Few on what Grizzlies 1st Round draft pick Brandon Clarke brings to the team. Check out his Full Interview with @GaryParrishCBS here:

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 22, 2019


6. Ja Morant Interview (Listen here)

-- ---- -- ---------- --@igotgame_12 told @GaryParrishCBS he’s excited to play with @jarenjacksonjr -- --“He’s a very talented player... He really can do it all.” — @igotgame_12

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 21, 2019

Grizzlies PG Ja Morant on the moment he knew he had a chance to be a 1st Round pick. Check out his Full Interview with Gary Parrish from earlier today here:

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 22, 2019


7. NBA Draft Suit Analysis from Jason & John

Jason & John analyzed Tee Morant & Darius Garland’s suits last night --On Garland:“That man looked like Obi-Wan Kenobi. All he needed was a light saber.” — @JasonSmith929“Dude was dressed like Moses.”— @JohnMartin929

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 22, 2019

Ja Morant (@igotgame_12) isn’t playing in the summer league, but @JasonSmith929 & @JohnMartin929 don’t think it’s a big deal.“I’d rather see him at FedexForum taking that bubble wrap off and he’s completely healthy,” @JasonSmith929 said.This is a MUST watch ⬇️

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 21, 2019


8. Tee Morant Interview (Listen here)

Tee Morant (father of @igotgame_12) told @jasonsmith929 and @johnmartin929 that Ja Morant is a special guy off the court too.“They’ll see someone who’s ready and eager to work in the community with the kids”.-- ⬇️

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 18, 2019


9. Supreme Bey Interview (Listen here)

Here’s @AllHailSupreme (Chris Douglas-Roberts) on with @JasonSmith929 & @JohnMartin929 discussing how he actually turned down Arizona and Pastner to attend Memphis with Calipari

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 17, 2019


10. Taylor Jenkins Interview (Listen here)

Grizzlies Head Coach Taylor Jenkins joined @GaryParrishCBS yesterday to discuss, among many other things, the moment he knew he wanted to be a head coach. Get to know the new Grizzlies coach here:

— 929ESPN (@929espn) June 14, 2019