AUDIO/LISTEN: Bill Polian said on 92.9 AAF Rushed to Market Because of "Competitor"

Geoff with AAF Memphis
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By 92.9 FM ESPN

The Alliance of American Football ended operations yesterday after seven weeks of football, including the Memphis Express.  Singletary, Manziel, Mettenberger, Ebersol, Polian, Irby, and Lewis are done and will now live in the lore of past minor league franchise experiments in Memphis football history.

Click above image to listen to Bill Polian, co-founder of the AAF, on 92.9's Golic and Wingo Show from Wednesday (4/3) morning.

“I’m just sad so many worked so hard and we came so close.” “There’s room for only one (secondary league) in the space.” -Polian

— 929ESPN (@929espn) April 3, 2019

On 92.9’s @GolicAndWingo ~> Bill Polian acknowledged the AAF didn’t have a solid business structure. Said football infrastructure was good. Said the AAF rushed to market because of a “competitor”. Wanted to be first to market ( presumably due to @xfl2020 )

— 929ESPN (@929espn) April 3, 2019